I Missed You Today… I Miss You Almost Everyday.


There you lay in bed as we waited for you to rise
sprinkle us the bits of happiness with that sweet smile
spent a night in freezing cold
waiting for the mysteries to unfold 
just to hear the doctors say
“she’s gonna be ok”
the guts we had denied
that you soon will be out of sight.
Everybody cried, shreded some tears
no not me…but i stayed still in fears
the doctors said she is bound to go away 
all our hearts cried but the hopes were definitely alive
The shattered hopes the rusty guts was what we had
everything crushed- from the bones to the brains- when we knew you died.
There you were decorated to be set on fire
Sweetheart that was the last thing any of us ever desired
Never so broken we were
never so sensitive
never so lost.

You were laying down on bed with the shaved head
we couldnt resist but couldnt speak
hope you heard what our heart said 
“love you always, love you always”.

There you were on the woods the last glance we all took 
our souls burning and every heart mourning
The fire the fire the fire
all i see is the fire.
All the moments we shared together
shall remain with me forever
now that you are gone
dont mean you are forgotten
yes i missed you today
may be not everday
but i miss you almost everday
my brain recalls your name
and i hear your voice shouting my name…shouting his name and shouting our names.
I have no enough rhyme to honor your friendship
But i wish i could turn around the sands of time
and say when you said- you are a Good Friend indeed, “Good Friend indeed”.



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