Crawl Me Out Of This Darkness


i wanna write something tonight
but i cant seem to find a word to rhyme
may be i havent gone through enough in life
may be im delusioned may be im blind

i cant see the lights in my room
i cant see no sparkling signs
to get me over this torment
i need to crawl out of this darkness
i need to fight this rain

its a raging war in my head
battle of the brain
none seem so powerful
no one seems to win
every thought has its own reason
every thought eats up my brain

days been mad nights been wicked
lonely sad and deranged
hollow heart speaks
filth and disguest it utters
covered with meanure
its a black stone like a coal

i can feel my blood rushing up my vains
it creaps me, its driving me insane
purity it does not deliver
rots my empty brain
crawl me out of this darkness.



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