Music and I



Colossal, four walls and a ceiling
round the corner a chair where i sit
cold winter night as i shiver to the chill
blessings of warmth i feel
Together we sit in this lifeless room

So as planned wasnt the day how it went
unsettled minds trigger the pace of the heart
inner voice of mine goes unheard
and then you speak, you’re words echo
Every word you utter, you portray my feelings

Dark as black it is while i walk
No friend to match my footsteps
strange souls surround me
Out on to my ears you whisper and scream
Indeed i must say, you are my companion in need

Glorified, atop the summit i reach
Royal celebration for my pride and ego
Anxiety and excitement attack me
Paranoid, like a mad man high on drugs
your majestic sensation helps pacify

Ratify my wrath enunciate my anger
hot blood burns underneath the skin
punch the motherfuckers
assault the assholes
solace my conscience as you speak to the beat

in and out of reflection i am always me
over the altering tempos i hum to the beat
the wide doors shut, except for the air
alienated from the world, buoyant to its perception
you are my shield, you justify my attitude

For eons we’ve been hanging around together
like the greatest lovers we share our feelings
Along the rhyme we communicate our minds
As a shadow you follow me being the best companion
Isolated i am not, as we align our attitude
music and i, that keeps me calm.



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