Music and I- part 2




its like a sexy girl on the street
mesmarizing you with her movement
how she caress her hair
and how she shakes her hips
sometimes she’s on those sexy
tight jeans
and othertimes on her short skirt
revealing her inner thigh
tempting you to view her from the front
her pretty face
and her bulging out tight bosoms.
Never minding if she’s with her flirtous friends
or the hunky masculine boyfriend
that could knock you out with a single punch.


its like the victory
over that mosquito in the morning
you’ve been hunting for past 30 minutes
its been irritating all night
jumping from one arm to the another
sucking all your blood
buzzing over your ears and sometimes diving in
destroying your sleep cycle
paralyzing you at the dawn of the day.


its like the greatest journey
that you take once a while
a gift to the eyes
solace to the heart
tranquilizer to the brain.
the wilderness of the random trees over the slops
the fresh smell of mud on the hills
and the mountains above the clouds.
its like the rocky roads besides the storming river
and the gigantic waterfalls lacerating the cliffs.
its that walk on the snow which you dreamt of back when you were 5
and the dive on the sea after a long run on the sandy beach.


its like the greatest food
like the one your mom made for you deep into the night
at 11 pm when you are hungry
getting up from the bed on those cold shivering winter nights
so that you dont starve with the freakin noodles.
like the pizza from that restaurant
which you visit over and over for the same recipe
or like that piece of dessert
you share with your lover,
a chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream
even though its overpriced.


its like the greatest lover
who can calm you in the deepest sorrow
kisses your lips but strokes your heart
asks for a favor in your busy schedule
but you cant say no
who irritates you and gets under your skin
but you cant punch her cause you cant bare to see her pain
the tears in her eyes are like the spear right through the heart
laughs at all of your jokes that arent funny
and debates with you cause she knows she can
walk a mile with you just so she can spend sometime
and walk another mile just to be with you.

its like the greatest book
that i havent read

its like the greatest movie
that all i can do is talk about it
and share with my friends

its like the greatest day
that is yet to be lived




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