A Lady Who Goes To Orphanage

Its her birthday today
and her guy is waiting to make it special for her
may be a slice of cake
or a chocolate wrapped in ice-cream
a nice lunch or a dine
but no; her schedules are planned
she had places to go, things to do
somewhere; something
but its all good even though we cant meet
given a rational thought
a logical interpretation.
cause its not like she’s out there partying
with her friends
drinking and smoking and dancing.
the heart of gold she owns
she believes in giving.
its not just about spending time with him
she is dominated by the love of giving
to the kids
on this day she cannot compromise
cause thats what satisfies her apitite.

And she is bad in some ways
cause she manages to ruin
ruin all the surprises
he’s planned
cause of her inveriable schedule
and he has no choice
he has no choice but to amplify
magnify the plans he had for her
and in her conscience she is happy
for those wonderful thought
a vision on her mind is suffice
the kind gesture was a perfectly wrapped gift for her 22nd.
Cause she likes to see the joy on those young eyes,
those sparkling those twinkling eyes is what conspire her
cause she has the heart of giving
rather than the power of taking.



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