What is it to me?? the electricity
i question myself
and wonder as i stare
to the turned on computer
and the thrashing high voltage speaker!
is it a mere essence of life
or more to me????

i’ve felt electricity many times before..
i’d tell you a story
about how i got electrocuted back when i was a kid
i remember it was on those mischievous school days
when i was locked up in hostel
wrestling with my friends.
but you’d get bored…im sure.

may be its something i feel
when i close my eyes
and kiss your sweet lips.
like an alternating voltage
my heart skips a beat.

or the excruciating sensation
that crawls back of my neck
the electromotive force
when i wake up in the middle of the night at 2 pm
to find a grim reaper grinding his teeth
harvesting on me
atop of me over my bed
pinning me down to reap my soul.

like the alternating current
the hard handed slap right to the face
to those tiny and innocent cheeks
or the strike with the bamboo stick
when i was 10
by those retard teacher
who couldnt fuckin get any better jobs
and their frustrations
over-powering the helpless students
like the over flowing currents.

or the rush of blood exploding through the body
that i feel
when i almost died
the bus zoomed pass me at 80
and skipped by an inch
as my music blast onto my ears
like a high volt, shook all the peers!!!

NIddles and pins in every ounce of my body!
Does it justify electricity???



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