either my heart’s been replaced or the blood, 
with acid.
i can feel my brain melting
and flowing out through my eyes, 
as tears.
in my imagination you are walking and laughing and smiling;
you do not exist………….
each of these songs are torture to my ears,
your voice on that phone is lost within the wires,
im no more than dead-
cause you i cannot feel;
your scent i cannot smell.
i’ve been trapped in this cage- 
where existence is nothingness.

this pain it feels
like i’ve been forced on the ground
and lacerate the layer of my skin off my chest
as im conscious-
i cant bear this pain.
somedays i wish you’d come to my room 
out from the dead,
adorn in white dress like the angels
and lay beside me on my bed and talk to me;
and tell me how heaven is
and wipe a tear off my face
and drop a smile to my face.

my heart is an iceberg
melt it down with your warmth
let it be a flowing water




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