5 minutes
elevated out of this world
and it is as
as without a war.
unconscious without a bound
and rage
as cold as the frozen ice.
vanquished at the spur of the moment
and hatred
skinned beneath down on the ground.
a straight line
and nerves
pulsate to the vibes.
All of my senses concentrated at singularity.

i fly into
this space voyage without an air
and spacesuit,
without any gravity
traveling millions and millions of light years
among the stars and the moons
decorated by the supernovas and
pulsating pulsars and quasars
i jump from galaxies to galaxies
escaping the deepest black holes
with a click of my fingers.
As i leave
“The Weight Of The World”
back home
a tiny tiny tiny grain of sand called Earth,
im free-
falling on to the universe.
and i imagine-
what could be a better Deity!!

(This is my utmost and humble dedication to one of the greatest musician Joe Satriani’s, among the many uber-creation,
“The Weight Of The World”. A bow down to his majestic imagination.)




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