the blues

the color of the night
in the city that sleeps
midnight agony
with a beaming light far across
solitude, my friend
my accompany

darkened windows
darkened roads
just a screeching noise
of the dogs howling
and the cats meowing
sparkling head lights of the fast cars
scorching breaks on the hollow

drizzling rain soaking bodies
under the broken umbrella
sippin on the finest tea
and noodles for the midnight snack
woman blazing flames over her stoves
serving drunks to serve her family

sometimes the stars twinkle
and moon shreds its light without any greed
othertimes the clouds win the battle
as if the city wasnt already dead

closed temples and stupas
pubs and music
where do we line ourselves
if not for the stairs on the streets
where the beggars and the dogs cuddle

stale as it may seem
the story of this city
closed doors on every corner
the dreams seem so futile
the blues, the color of the night
in this city
does the dreamers even exist!!!



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