destroyer of senses

embrace the liquid
soak deep within.
chunk of ice
melt the frozen water,
a crystal glass reflecting the gold
drain the blood out of the veins,
submerge on the pool
senses exist no more…

smell the terror
freeze the brain,
sweet nectar drops of your body
-like a precious tongue-
dissolve the liquid until exhaustion.
acid the corpse for pleasure
Sedate no more
smother the dying senses.

silvery white dressed angel
turns amber.
its just a myth angels flying with wings 
i conquer the skies without flapping
as the hourglass keeps turning,
hour after hour after hour, skies keeps rolling.
drop the bottle
drop the glass
cut the skin 
bleed the crimson.
its only gettin worst.
destroy the senses.

(the title has been inspired by a song titled 11th Hour by Lamb of God. and without any shame i picked it up as the title and without any disgust i credit these guys for their genuine creativity. \m/ metal rules \m/)



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