Under the blue skies

under the blue skies
where the soft breeze blows onto her face
as she jumps and runs waving her scarf
letting it fly along the wind
like the kites
the children fly during October.

under the blue skies
where the season change
from a dark gloomy clouds
to the fresh blossom of the Autumn
she shines of the aura
a wave of the new beginning

under the blue skies
she is the soothing music
that echos for ever
the gift of nature
a monument, a treasure.
she is full of grace with her every step
a soft wisdom she reflects from her goodwill
like the blue skies, deep are those eyes
gaze upon them and it defines mesmerize.

under the blue skies
the joys are endless
she sprinkles them around
and the sparkling angel emerge on this town
the sprinkles and sparkles are so vivid
like the twinkling of stars across the blue blanket.

she writes a smile on her face
traces of it here and there
radiant and vibrant, the entire atmosphere
nothing could make her smile more
if not for the tears
under the blue skies
she knows no fears.


(This is an inspiration from an instrumental “Rubina’s Blue Sky Happiness” by the mighty Joe Satriani. I can assure you that these words does not live up to the expectation of the genuine creation of Mr Joe Satriani, rather my futile attempt to glorify it.)


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