if i was an actor

(just a test write, i seriously have no idea how this one sounds or if its any good!!)

if i was an actor,
i would never win an Oscar.

its “hopefully” not because i cannot beat the crap out of my nemesis
with ultra strength and super powers
or i’d look “unpresentable” inside superhero suits with cape.

its “Hopefully” not because Megan Fox wouldnt enjoy hot kisses with me
during the apocalypse
because she finds me disgusting
or Kiera Knightly be nude infront of me showing her tiny little bosoms
when there are complexities in the story!!!!

at this point i’d definitely not win the oscars because im in a super hero movie! duh

its hopefully not because im casted in a TV series
which ends up for a title in Emmy.

I hope its not because i wouldnt adapt to the characters
and deploy my method acting senses like Daniel Day Lewis
or perform a literally senseless human like Mr Pacino (say hello to my little friend)
or be completely neurotic and psychotic and bazzare
or be villain for a change!!!

i’ll tell you why….
it will be because i wouldnt be able to deliver the dialogs.
its not that my lips would tremble in front of the 20 high resolution cameras
and my knees would shake because all eyes in the studio are on me (the goddamn lights)

i would memorize the lines
but the words wouldnt come out right
the screenplayers would be mad
cause i’d have to improvise.
the hours and days spent on the script would go in vain
cause of my stupid dumb brain
cannot memorize the exact words
instead of Avian i’d recite birds!!!

id be trained in every step
how to act
how to kick
how to kiss
how to what-not
but who’d train me how to memorize!!!

i would proudly deliver the dialogs……. if i have a note book to read from!!!
Now Now Now.
let me not get started with me being a Lawyer.
Id memorize the entire constitution but………..




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