(a letter to the resurrector)

This shall be my

I have emerged out of the gorge
Resisted the nothingness devouring my mind
Shredded some blood to climb towards existence.
Felt the gold and
Smelt the rose
This shall be my Resurrection.

The four walls closed in on me
The rooftops collapsed.
I survived the agony with my rage and
Puncture holes through bricks with my fury.
Escaped the devastation, with my levitation.
This shall be my Resurrection.

I have fallen from the mighty glory
Tipped myself to the bottom
An inch away from the top
I hit the lowest rock bottom.
The ground below
Seemed so high up.
I levitated.
This is my struggle
This is my survival
This shall be my Resurrection.

I have been locked up in a box
Incarcerated and exiled.
Trapped into Isolation
No escape from the triangle.
The corners had been sealed tight
No windows to break out
Nor doors to unlock.
I fought the Isolation with my personal solitude.
I broke the spell with my mantra-
The Resilience.
I smashed the angles within the triangle.
Incineration of the incarceration,
Mark this- reincarnation;
This is my Resurrection.

Glorious age of victory has arrived
The battles yet to be fought
Honor and triumph has been foreseen
I am the Victor
I am my Resurrector.
I shall paint the fate with my dreams
Sketch the imagination into my reality
There cannot be anymore regression
This is my Resurrection.






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