Scarred Sanity

Deep sleepy eyes wide open
at 2:41 AM
with a sudden thought of you,
a photographic memory
is a curse to have
each and every thing plays like a movie
a year of memory in a split second
stuck in a time of complete passion and devotion
a worthless memorabilia
of torture and pain and misery.

Room full of people
at 11:37 AM
all are but white noise and nothing else
while staring out the window
onto nothingness full of dust and disgust
wondering of the times of good
while the heart feels all the chill
sulking over the period of times of fulfullness
where everything was
bright and yellow and orange and everything.

Cup of tea on the table
at 5:18 PM
a sip of loneliness
a pain never fathom
contemplating on the warmth once felt
all gone in an instant
now as cold as this tea
that has been sitting on the table for 30 minutes
drop the cup
break it down into millions like yourself.

Arms and legs spread apart
at 9:52 PM
under the blanket on cold winter nights
a frozen body lays underneath
pulsating with every memory
every words
every thoughts
reminiscence of what once was
what once used to be
what you were and what you made me,



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