A Lady Who Goes To Orphanage

Its her birthday today
and her guy is waiting to make it special for her
may be a slice of cake
or a chocolate wrapped in ice-cream
a nice lunch or a dine
but no; her schedules are planned
she had places to go, things to do
somewhere; something
but its all good even though we cant meet
given a rational thought
a logical interpretation.
cause its not like she’s out there partying
with her friends
drinking and smoking and dancing.
the heart of gold she owns
she believes in giving.
its not just about spending time with him
she is dominated by the love of giving
to the kids
on this day she cannot compromise
cause thats what satisfies her apitite.

And she is bad in some ways
cause she manages to ruin
ruin all the surprises
he’s planned
cause of her inveriable schedule
and he has no choice
he has no choice but to amplify
magnify the plans he had for her
and in her conscience she is happy
for those wonderful thought
a vision on her mind is suffice
the kind gesture was a perfectly wrapped gift for her 22nd.
Cause she likes to see the joy on those young eyes,
those sparkling those twinkling eyes is what conspire her
cause she has the heart of giving
rather than the power of taking.





Sands of time slips with a grain,
Memories of you, always on our brain,
Agonies of pain soothes in time,
Anger, Rage fades with the sound of chime,
Matter of time, life is just a lease,
So with god we all came to peace.

Until its lost, the value is unknown,
When its gone, the heart feels alone,
Friend, without you we’re left shaken,
your place never replaced, never taken,
Close you were, can never let go,
Histories of us nothin will ever blow.
Sacred shall remain our shared laughter,
Will be cherished forever and after,
Sadness emerge with the thought of you,
May god be always there with you,
Thoughts of you, we’re restless; out of our comfort zone,
Time is the best healer we have known.

Amongst us you will always be missed,
Blessed are we, with your friendship we were kissed,
There is a little way to describe the sorrow,
Loss of you we were left empty- hollow.
But as its been said;
just a matter of time, life is just a lease,
So with god we all came to peace.




soothin sound of the music enter your ears
you sit in the corner lettin out the tears

you remember of the ones you missed
how you thought on those days you were blessed

light up the candles, protect the burnin flames
in the name of the ones whose memory remains

walk on the street, think of the names
forget all the pain, ignore all the blames
for they have a place in your heart
just like the bulls eye on the dart

the saddest song plays on and on
in time you realise life goes on
moves on
things to be done
life to be run
cause what happened has happened, cant be undone.


I Missed You Today… I Miss You Almost Everyday.


There you lay in bed as we waited for you to rise
sprinkle us the bits of happiness with that sweet smile
spent a night in freezing cold
waiting for the mysteries to unfold 
just to hear the doctors say
“she’s gonna be ok”
the guts we had denied
that you soon will be out of sight.
Everybody cried, shreded some tears
no not me…but i stayed still in fears
the doctors said she is bound to go away 
all our hearts cried but the hopes were definitely alive
The shattered hopes the rusty guts was what we had
everything crushed- from the bones to the brains- when we knew you died.
There you were decorated to be set on fire
Sweetheart that was the last thing any of us ever desired
Never so broken we were
never so sensitive
never so lost.

You were laying down on bed with the shaved head
we couldnt resist but couldnt speak
hope you heard what our heart said 
“love you always, love you always”.

There you were on the woods the last glance we all took 
our souls burning and every heart mourning
The fire the fire the fire
all i see is the fire.
All the moments we shared together
shall remain with me forever
now that you are gone
dont mean you are forgotten
yes i missed you today
may be not everday
but i miss you almost everday
my brain recalls your name
and i hear your voice shouting my name…shouting his name and shouting our names.
I have no enough rhyme to honor your friendship
But i wish i could turn around the sands of time
and say when you said- you are a Good Friend indeed, “Good Friend indeed”.


Dream to the Extreme


you are the sweetest music
you are the sweetest kiss
you are the sweetest lyrics to my heart
on its notion on its rhyme it beats!!

you are the soothing wave of the sea
the cold fresh breeze of the morning tree
you are the warmth of the winter sun
you are the ice-cream of the heat and burn.

you are the fresh mud after the rain
you are the sweet smell of the growing grain
you are the wood fire on the cold winter night
On to the darkness, you are the sparkling light.

you are the greatest solo to my guitar
among the zillions you are my favorite star
you are the full moon on the empty skies
you are the gorgeous mountains on a morning rise.

you are the softest snow
you are the hot coffee
you are the cold coffee
you are the delicacy
you are the movie
you are the greatest perfume
you are the loud music on a room
you are my castle
you are my queen.

you are my everything
you are my dream to the extreme
Miles away i see you shine
im gonna make our love eternal, gonna make it divine!!