Wish You Were Here

the comfort you seek on those random arms
are they warm enough to bury the cold you left me?
did you find your happiness,
prices over my lost soul?
are the colors bright in your room?
scarred and stabbed, i bounce on this dark one.
searching and waiting
wishing you were here.

does it feel heavenly
trading my love for the gold ring?
hellish that i have become
frozen, broken, shattered and numb.
divine must be the walks on those streets now
once where you’d hold my hands with hope.
bleeding and dying
wishing you were here.

Do you think you can tell?
shattered glass from empty skies,
moaning stars on naked nights.
fractured heart from broken might?
do you think you can tell?

your voice echo
burning desires and dropping tears.
what have you found?
what have i found?
comfort in pain,
pain in comfort?
lost in disdain
wishing you were here.


every morning every night
stories of horror
of whats done wrong and whats done right.
the deceiving smile of you shining bright
like and angel
eating me alive
inside out
and yet
wish you were here

[The title has been shamelessly stolen from Pink Floyd’s ultra famous tune “Wish You Were Here”. Not just the title, as you read (if you happen to read) you will know other things have also been lifted from the same track. Before anyone points out, I accept it myself that it is blasphemous of me to even use anything from this timeless tune. ]


Annihilate the world

[there comes a time in life when everything falls apart you see,
so you wait for a while…. before you do anything
sometimes you destroy everything]

lurking behind the faded smile
lies the saddening eyes
Absolute worthless
existence of this life.

Denial of sensibility
all senses seize to exist
incubation of the new one
formation of the fortress,

you belonged to me
and now you dont.
i needed you
while you didnt.

Paranoia pacification
inner peace temptation
a clarity of vision
spiritual degradation
a birth of a demon.

Breed the anger within
Hopeless isolation
I am Furious
Annihilate the motherfuckin world.

Scarred Sanity

Deep sleepy eyes wide open
at 2:41 AM
with a sudden thought of you,
a photographic memory
is a curse to have
each and every thing plays like a movie
a year of memory in a split second
stuck in a time of complete passion and devotion
a worthless memorabilia
of torture and pain and misery.

Room full of people
at 11:37 AM
all are but white noise and nothing else
while staring out the window
onto nothingness full of dust and disgust
wondering of the times of good
while the heart feels all the chill
sulking over the period of times of fulfullness
where everything was
bright and yellow and orange and everything.

Cup of tea on the table
at 5:18 PM
a sip of loneliness
a pain never fathom
contemplating on the warmth once felt
all gone in an instant
now as cold as this tea
that has been sitting on the table for 30 minutes
drop the cup
break it down into millions like yourself.

Arms and legs spread apart
at 9:52 PM
under the blanket on cold winter nights
a frozen body lays underneath
pulsating with every memory
every words
every thoughts
reminiscence of what once was
what once used to be
what you were and what you made me,


Secrets of Yesterday

He, as the sun rise upon the morrow,
opens his eyes with the deepest sorrow.
wonder why the night had to end
wonder why the lights had to pretend (of the new days glory)
he has no strength to face the new day,
yesterday’s tomorrow.

Up on the bed he sits
with head held low
caressed by the hand
the same hand that wishes to crush his own skull
rupture it into pieces
puncture the bones.
while he is submerged on these wicked thoughts
like the submarine on the pacific
the eyes are shut.
He cant bare to see
what is HE!

Like a wounded bull in a fight
he takes a deep breath
a panic in his heart
racing like a mad dog.
Grinds the teeth with utmost agony
and clinches his fists.
At the turtle’s pace
Takes a couple of steps
nears the table and
he leans on to it.
He closes his eyes again
visualizing the past
like a 3D movie;
the recent past,
yesterday is what he thinks of.

jerks out the drawer
takes out his gun.
the revolver has a single bullet
he plays the Russian roulette.
At point blank range
he pulls the trigger
he is dead.
How lucky he must have wondered!!

as the blood flows
there goes his sorrow
no more tomorrow.
Along with the blood paint,
and the brain graffiti
there lies his deepest secret on the wall.



I Missed You Today… I Miss You Almost Everyday.


There you lay in bed as we waited for you to rise
sprinkle us the bits of happiness with that sweet smile
spent a night in freezing cold
waiting for the mysteries to unfold 
just to hear the doctors say
“she’s gonna be ok”
the guts we had denied
that you soon will be out of sight.
Everybody cried, shreded some tears
no not me…but i stayed still in fears
the doctors said she is bound to go away 
all our hearts cried but the hopes were definitely alive
The shattered hopes the rusty guts was what we had
everything crushed- from the bones to the brains- when we knew you died.
There you were decorated to be set on fire
Sweetheart that was the last thing any of us ever desired
Never so broken we were
never so sensitive
never so lost.

You were laying down on bed with the shaved head
we couldnt resist but couldnt speak
hope you heard what our heart said 
“love you always, love you always”.

There you were on the woods the last glance we all took 
our souls burning and every heart mourning
The fire the fire the fire
all i see is the fire.
All the moments we shared together
shall remain with me forever
now that you are gone
dont mean you are forgotten
yes i missed you today
may be not everday
but i miss you almost everday
my brain recalls your name
and i hear your voice shouting my name…shouting his name and shouting our names.
I have no enough rhyme to honor your friendship
But i wish i could turn around the sands of time
and say when you said- you are a Good Friend indeed, “Good Friend indeed”.