Annihilate the world

[there comes a time in life when everything falls apart you see,
so you wait for a while…. before you do anything
sometimes you destroy everything]

lurking behind the faded smile
lies the saddening eyes
Absolute worthless
existence of this life.

Denial of sensibility
all senses seize to exist
incubation of the new one
formation of the fortress,

you belonged to me
and now you dont.
i needed you
while you didnt.

Paranoia pacification
inner peace temptation
a clarity of vision
spiritual degradation
a birth of a demon.

Breed the anger within
Hopeless isolation
I am Furious
Annihilate the motherfuckin world.




Gazillion souls surround me
Your soul I seek,
Caress me with your hollowness
Hallowed be thy soul.

Haunt me deep into the night
I could care less about the sleep,
Visions of you
Vivid portrayal on to my wall.

Voices around me nothin but noise
Whisper I hear on my mind,
I can sense the perfume
Scents all over me.

Close my eyes; darkness
Open; its emptiness,
Reflection of you I seek
A picture I stare.

Existence is a mere perception
Psychological notion,
God demons devil
A mirrors reflection.

Parallel universe holds better us,
Better we, better them, better all,
Endurance is a lesson
Calculate the pages.