Sands of time slips with a grain,
Memories of you, always on our brain,
Agonies of pain soothes in time,
Anger, Rage fades with the sound of chime,
Matter of time, life is just a lease,
So with god we all came to peace.

Until its lost, the value is unknown,
When its gone, the heart feels alone,
Friend, without you we’re left shaken,
your place never replaced, never taken,
Close you were, can never let go,
Histories of us nothin will ever blow.
Sacred shall remain our shared laughter,
Will be cherished forever and after,
Sadness emerge with the thought of you,
May god be always there with you,
Thoughts of you, we’re restless; out of our comfort zone,
Time is the best healer we have known.

Amongst us you will always be missed,
Blessed are we, with your friendship we were kissed,
There is a little way to describe the sorrow,
Loss of you we were left empty- hollow.
But as its been said;
just a matter of time, life is just a lease,
So with god we all came to peace.



Love Is God


The unknown path of exultation,
No one’s ever seen but believes without discretion,
It’s led life throughout the ages, some left with frustration,
Others, well, with the loudest proclamation,
The greatest ever satisfaction.

No one’s seen it.
Love is god. 
Obscured vision
Faith of humanity.

It’s the key of belief-it’s the Conviction,
It drives our lives- it’s the Motivation,
Everybody seeks it once in their life- it’s the Salvation,
Everybody needs faith-its Absolution,
The greatest ever Redemption.

Everybody’s felt it.
Love is god.
Faith remains!
Look up the sky.

You can’t spit on it you can’t kick it,
You doubt it once a while, but you’re back onto it,
It’s hidden, far from the sight far from reach; you can feel it,
You will cry and scream and you will kneel onto it,
My only god is love, believe it.

Love is god.




Gazillion souls surround me
Your soul I seek,
Caress me with your hollowness
Hallowed be thy soul.

Haunt me deep into the night
I could care less about the sleep,
Visions of you
Vivid portrayal on to my wall.

Voices around me nothin but noise
Whisper I hear on my mind,
I can sense the perfume
Scents all over me.

Close my eyes; darkness
Open; its emptiness,
Reflection of you I seek
A picture I stare.

Existence is a mere perception
Psychological notion,
God demons devil
A mirrors reflection.

Parallel universe holds better us,
Better we, better them, better all,
Endurance is a lesson
Calculate the pages.