In Lights Of Heaven


(This one is inspired by the book 5 People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. In particular the following lines that read:
Where is my worry?
Where is my pain?)

In lights of heaven,
Nothin remains-
No worries no pain,
No future no dream,
No torture no scream.

In lights of heaven,
Sights to see-
A vast ocean and a deep blue sea,
Orange skies and purple it’s yet to be,
Surfing clouds reaching places,
Naked angels graceful faces.

In lights of heaven,
What you feel-
No hot no cold,
No one so tough no one bold,
No hurt no scars to cry,
Only wings to fly.

In lights of heaven,
What you can do-
You can burn money,
You can burn cars,
You can burn cell phones,
You can shred guitars.

In lights of heaven,
Blessed are we-
Jumpin and runnin free,
Pickin mangoes from a tree,
No horrors in sight,
Just a heavenly light.

In lights of heaven,
What to be-
A good man drinkin a cup of tea,
Instead of I, he says We,
Weaving dreams for humans in his cell,
Selfishness burried down to hell.




Nevermind the fears,
Say no word; drop no tears,
Let life come as it wishes,
Battle it down to the pieces,
You shall not break for heaven’s sake,
Patience is all you need for the glorious days!

Cold, chill, and loneliness you may feel,
Take a time be patient it will heal,
Tame your heart, be resilient make it tougher,
What does not kill only makes you stronger,
You shall not cry for heaven’s sake,
Patience is all you need for the glorious days!

With a smile raise your spirits high,
Like a humming bird let it fly,
On that little hope, you shall hold,
Cause toughest among all you stand bold,
Patience my girl,
Heaven awaits the glorious days!!!