Suicide Note II

[im not the kind that kills people
im the one that dies for sacrifice.]

The unbeckoned melancholia
kicks in again
the visions and dreams once possessed
are turned into ashes
the histories are being washed away
with the growing tears
its not like everything reminds me of you now that i cant have you
remembering you is a habit
a routine
a curse from the heavens
of mighty disgusting angels where you once bestowed.

happiness has been an urban legend
a folklore
a mystical creature
a mysteries among the river.

im not a fuckin phoenix
that you burn
and i rise again from the ashes.
im washed away by the mere wind.
so i write you a love letter
from these walls im trapped in
from the day you shot me dead
read it
its all over the walls painted in red
the unreckoned melancholia.


We Are Living In This Time Of Sacrifice

we are living in this time of sacrifice
cause no, we arent living on a paradise
its not like our rooms are filled with mice
or we are surrounded by the city vice
we are living in this time of sacrifice
cause our lives are entangled and we are victimized
may be a corporate mediocrity of finding a cure
or a corporate ideocracy
or a fuckin conspiracy
or a chemical composition that went wrong
however it is, we are to suffer
not only you not only me
we are living in this time of sacrifice
in this modern time of fast trains and airplanes
we are stuck in our ground
only 5 miles apart we breathe
but there is this entire universe between us
we are living in this time of sacrifice
as the chronic disease entangle our lives
unresting the pulsating nerves
there is nothing else to do besides acknowledge the sacrifice of the zeitgeist.