Gazillion souls surround me
Your soul I seek,
Caress me with your hollowness
Hallowed be thy soul.

Haunt me deep into the night
I could care less about the sleep,
Visions of you
Vivid portrayal on to my wall.

Voices around me nothin but noise
Whisper I hear on my mind,
I can sense the perfume
Scents all over me.

Close my eyes; darkness
Open; its emptiness,
Reflection of you I seek
A picture I stare.

Existence is a mere perception
Psychological notion,
God demons devil
A mirrors reflection.

Parallel universe holds better us,
Better we, better them, better all,
Endurance is a lesson
Calculate the pages.


There lays my Girl


contemplating on her thought
there she sits on a wooden chair
it seems like the end of the world
and there lays a girl with a golden stare.

a long walk she takes alone
in loneliness her heart moans
strangers pass by like (a) ghost
there lays a girl with an anguished soul.

stories untold, she whispers within
ear to listen, she struggles inbetween
Diamond enlighted wisdom, in silence she told
there lays a girl with a voice on her soul.

engrave in sadness she bleeds
tormented by distress she screams
her heart with a disasterous hole
there lays a girl with a colorful soul.

the world turns back on her
turns around, rids a high speed train
a drop of tear she wipes
there lays a girl with a tear on her soul.

numb is what her heart has become
smile is what she needs
awaiting a hand to caress her hair
there lays a girl with a golden stare.