In Lights Of Heaven


(This one is inspired by the book 5 People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. In particular the following lines that read:
Where is my worry?
Where is my pain?)

In lights of heaven,
Nothin remains-
No worries no pain,
No future no dream,
No torture no scream.

In lights of heaven,
Sights to see-
A vast ocean and a deep blue sea,
Orange skies and purple it’s yet to be,
Surfing clouds reaching places,
Naked angels graceful faces.

In lights of heaven,
What you feel-
No hot no cold,
No one so tough no one bold,
No hurt no scars to cry,
Only wings to fly.

In lights of heaven,
What you can do-
You can burn money,
You can burn cars,
You can burn cell phones,
You can shred guitars.

In lights of heaven,
Blessed are we-
Jumpin and runnin free,
Pickin mangoes from a tree,
No horrors in sight,
Just a heavenly light.

In lights of heaven,
What to be-
A good man drinkin a cup of tea,
Instead of I, he says We,
Weaving dreams for humans in his cell,
Selfishness burried down to hell.